Class of 2017


SomaDetect is an agricultural technology company that provides dairy farmers with key milk quality indicators. With SomaDetect, farmers are intimately connected with every cow they milk, enabling them to identify problems early, make informed decisions and produce the best possible milk.



Bethany Deshpande
Nicholas Clermont


Did you have an entrepreneurial side at a young age? Explain.

YES! Entrepreneurship has always been part of my life and my family. I watched my dad work hard to build his business. I started creating websites around the age of 12, and ended up doing some amazing work as a web developer throughout undergrad and graduate school.

How can working in the Buffalo startup ecosystem help your startup thrive?

SomaDetect is looking for a way to enter the U.S. market, and Buffalo just makes sense. There are lots of great dairy farms in New York and in neighboring Vermont. Buffalo also has all the resources we need to grow.