ACV Auctions

Class of 2015


ACV Auctions is a live wholesale marketplace for dealer-only automobile auctions. Conducted via a smartphone application, ACV creates liquidity for wholesale inventory (trade-ins and aged automobiles) 24 hours a day. An intuitive 5 min process of snapping pictures and drafting a vehicle description launches an auction to 100s of registered buyers.



George Chamoun
Joseph Neiman
VP of Business Development
Dan Magnuszewski
Michael Waterman
VP of Sales


What makes ACV Auctions better than its competitors?

Fundamentally, ACV is a win-win for everyone who uses it. We reduce expenses and headaches and streamline an otherwise antiquated process into the 21st century. ACV allows dealers to buy and sell faster and more efficiently. A business needs to add real value if it wants to survive long term and ACV has been designed to accomplish that specifically.

What 3 personality traits do you think a successful entrepreneur should have?

JN: Optimism to see beyond current reality, perseverance to push through obstacles, and interdependence because you need to know that getting to the finish line will require teamwork and collaboration.

What was your first job? Do any of the lessons you learned apply to the startup world?

JN: Landscaping and grunt at my uncle’s foreign car repair shop. I learned that you can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.